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  • Haldanór

    A relatively small kingdom located on the Hidden Coast. It is sheltered from the rest of the mainland by the ocean to the east and a large mountainrange called the [[Windswept Wall]] to the west. The whole area used to be part of the [[Thanian Empire]] …

  • Empire of Thain

    Old empire stretching for many miles west of the Hidden Coast. Named after Emperor Thain, who started out as king of Amalthea, but managed to forge an empire. In ages past, the Empire of Thain was a mighty and wealthy realm that stretched on for many …

  • Hidden Coast

    A long mountain range isolates this coastal region, protecting it from dangers lurking in the far reaching lands beyond. This mountain range is bisected by a twisting, deep canyon, called the Windswept Pass. It is guarded on both sides by tall defensive …

  • Windswept Pass

    A long, deep, winding canyon. Canyon walls are at least 50 meters tall and much higher at some points. Large boulders strewn about, but the main path has been cleared. Some areas look like a dried up riverbed. h3. Notable Locations * [[Amalthean …

  • Eyrewood

    Large forest to the north of the [[Windswept Pass]] h3. Notable Locations * [[Evergrove]]

  • Riverlands

    Large swath of hilly grassland with many rivers and streams. South-west of The [[Windswept Pass]].