Tag: Location


  • Westwall

    A frontier town, located on the eastern side of the old imperial wall. It is built against and even into the southern wall of the Windswept Pass. Westwall is a rugged town, of mostly wooden buildings, while some structures have been built right into the …

  • Wanderer's Respite

    The Wanderer’s Respite is [[Westwall]]'s largest inn. It is a large, stone and wood structure, built partially into the canyon wall. It has quite a number of good quality lodgings and an enormous common room with a massive fireplace and an even larger bar …

  • Fort Westergard

    A reconstruction of the existing fort at the Imperial Gate to the Hidden Coast. It the days of the Thanian Empire it was used to defend the [[Riverlands]] from monsters in the Windswept Pass. Now it is used as a first line of defense against dangers from …

  • Evergrove

    Lumberjack village on the southern edge of the [[Eyrewood]]. Delivers high quality lumber to [[Haldanór | Haldanór]].

  • Batesville

    First village west of the [[Windswept Pass]]. Founded by [...] Bates, one of the first settlers since the opening of the imperial gate. Simple farming village.

  • Karak Norn

    Karak Norn is a large Dwarven stronghold, built by the dwarves of [[Clan Hammerhand]]. They excavated a natural cavern to fit a dwarven settlement inside, creating the first Dwarven enclave of [[Haldanór | Haldanór]]. The cave entrance is a long tunnel …

  • Clearcreek

    Small town approximately 2 days travel, south-west of [[Fort Westergard | Fort Westergard]]. It consists mostly of wooden houses with thatched roofs, though there are several sturdy stone buildings that have been restored from an ancient ruin. An old, …

  • Stillbend

    Ruined remnants of a town from the imperial days. There used to be a large bridge across the river here, but it has collapsed a long time ago.