Fort Westergard

A reconstruction of the existing fort at the Imperial Gate to the Hidden Coast. It the days of the Thanian Empire it was used to defend the Riverlands from monsters in the Windswept Pass. Now it is used as a first line of defense against dangers from the lands of the fallen empire.

An army regiment under the command of General Hayden Emmerich is stationed here at all times to protect the kingdom of Haldanór. The soldiers present are always kept busy, with tasks ranging from manning guard posts, to patrolling the countryside, constructing new houses and defenses, or simply training.

The nearby town of Westwall houses most of the soldiers’ families and is used as a supply and trade hub.

Notable Locations

  • House of Prayer – Mainly a temple of Heironeous, but its walls are lined with small shrines to various deities to accommodate soldiers of all creeds.
  • Medical ward – Used for long term illnesses and afflictions that can’t be treated with a simple spell
  • Kennels – Houses at least 6 guard dogs

Notable NPC’s

  • General Hayden Emmerich – Commander of the forces stationed at the fort.
  • Anoviel Lanthar – Head physician, in charge of the medical ward

Fort Westergard

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