A relatively small kingdom located on the Hidden Coast. It is sheltered from the rest of the mainland by the ocean to the east and a large mountainrange called the Windswept Wall to the west.

The whole area used to be part of the Thanian Empire as well, but since its collapse has been recolonised by humans from other parts of the world. Most of its history and knowledge has been lost in the process, but the area is now home to a large multicultural civilization. Ruled by King Aldrin IV, it has thrived for many years, but has become somewhat stagnant in past years. Nobles are settled in their strongholds and conflicts are few, with little change in the status quo. King Aldrin wisely used this time of peace to look to the future. He ordered the clearing of the Pass to open the kingdom up to new fertile farmlands and an influx of valuable resources, new ideas and old knowledge.

There is some trade with the east, but since the ocean can get quite dangerous the kingdom is mostly self-sufficient. The area to the west is all part of the old Thanian Empire and is deemed too dangerous to travel by most of the population, so most inhabitants remain within the confines of the Hidden Coast.

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