Wanderer's Respite

The Wanderer’s Respite is Westwall’s largest inn. It is a large, stone and wood structure, built partially into the canyon wall. It has quite a number of good quality lodgings and an enormous common room with a massive fireplace and an even larger bar. Entertainment is playing the stage nearly every night, while several waitresses tend to the many guests at the various tables.

There are also several smaller rooms leading off the main room for additional privacy and a more intimate atmosphere. These are often occupied by the more successful groups of explorers that have come home to celebrate their victories and enjoy the spoils.

The side rooms are fairly large, with double doors that give a good view of the main tavern hall when left open. The rough stone walls are plastered to give it a smoother look, topped off by the arched ceiling, which is supported by thick wooden beams. All kinds of decorations litter the walls. Colorful tapestries, banners and crests of forgotten noble houses, flanked by various trophies and art pieces of unknown origin. The only daylight entering the room comes from a singular thin window, up high, just below the ceiling, but the room is lighted by a simple chandelier hanging from the centre beam and several oil lamps adorning the walls. A small fireplace in the far corner keeps the room warm and gives it a cozy atmosphere.

In the centre of the room is a heavy wooden table with a couple of chairs and a long bench on either side, adorned by several quilts and cushions (to make sure the gnomes can use the furniture without issue). Though very sturdy and well built, it is an old and worn piece of furniture, decorated with many beer stains and crude carvings.

Wanderer's Respite

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