General Hayden Emmerich

Commander of Fort Westergate


Hayden Emmerich has long, straight, grey hair and cyan eyes. His skin is veiny and relatively dark due to sunburn. He stands 160cm (5’3") tall and has a beefy build.

He has an edgy, common face with thick sideburns. He lost his left eye, which is now completely white and he has 3 scars across his jaw after surviving a wyvern attack.


Hayden Emmerich is a General in the Royal Army. He was assigned to run the operations at the wall after his predecessor perished in a raid 6 years ago.

He grew up as a fisherman in Haerast until he enlisted in the Royal Army. He made Lieutenant in a three years and received his own command several years later.

General Hayden Emmerich

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