Marcus Kessler

Head of the Trailblazers Guild


Human, approximately 60 years old.


Owner of the Wanderer’s Respite inn located in Westwall, though he is often elsewhere, attending to guild business.

He is also known as The Wayfarer because of his history as an old pioneer of the Western Wilderness. He fancies himself the headmaster of the Adventurers Guild, called The Trailblazers. Essentially, he just loves stories of strange events from far away lands and does everything he can to ensure a comfortable and friendly resting place for weary travellers with wild stories to tell.

He is well respected and connected in the community. He often manages to keep the more brutish and mischievous adventurers in check to keep them from causing trouble or destroying the town.

Married to Marie Kessler, who runs most of the day-to-day in the inn.

Marcus Kessler

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