Unearthed History

Shadow Hunt

Writeup for session 1

Medical Admissions report

Location: Fort Westergard Medical facility, Westwall area
Submitted to: General Hayden Emmerich, Commander of Fort Westergard

Attending medical personnel:

  • Anoviel Lanthar, head physician
  • Myrtle Jendryng, nurse

Patient: Jon Entwiler
Race: Human
Age: 37
Gender: M
Medical History: unknown.
Admitted by: Vargus Longwinter
Description: Subject attacked by unknown Outsider. Subjected to several spells of unknown origin and energy type.

Physical examination: Blood pressure 150/75, pulse rate 110, respirations 18, temperature normal.

Patient brought in unconscious with severe lacerations and contusions. Initial assessment by stationed personnel indicated patient status was severe enough to warrant divine healing.

After treatment patient still unconscious, indicative of further ailment. Further examination ordered.

Black discoloration of the skin found around the major arteries. Standard diagnostics performed. Does not match known illnesses or infections. Cause unknown.

Biopsy performed, sample 1074A of affected tissue stored for detailed analysis.


WARNING: Affliction is highly contagious. Extremely high mortality rate in infected patients.

Patient has transmitted his condition to all other patients in his ward in a single night. Patient alive, but still unconscious. Other infected deceased shortly after infection.

Patient had severe reaction to the touch of one particular visitor, causing a seemingly parasitic shadow entity to emerge from the body. Apparent cause of illness. Other patients in the ward host to similar parasite.
Divine energy seems to have a deleterious effect on entity.

Disposition: Patient deemed outside of purview of medical personnel at this facility. Patient discharged. Transfer to quarantine on consecrated ground under heavy guard while cause of illness and cure are researched is strongly recommended.

Patient: John Doe
Race: unknown, humanoid
Age: unknown, presumed mid twenties
Gender: unknown
Medical history: unknown
Admitted by: Vargus Longwinter
Description: Subject encased within iron maiden-like structure for prolonged period of time.
Physical examination: Blood pressure 80/50, pulse rate 65, respirations 10, temperature normal.

Patient admitted with major lacerations and puncture wounds. Severe scarring of the flesh across an estimated 80% of his body. Signs of hypotension. Patient conscious but unresponsive.

Patient has abnormal growths on his scapulae. Attached muscle tissue implies these are part of the patient’s natural physiology, but were severed forcefully.

Friar Barnard Hawtrey called in to administer clerical healing due to severity of wounds. Treatment largely ineffective. Hemorrhaging from open wounds ceased, but wounds still visible. Scarring not reduced.

Disposition: Further investigation needed to determine cause of ineffectiveness of healing spells. Patient discharged with recommendation of sufficient rest and return at a later date for followup.


Malgan Malgan

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