Small town approximately 2 days travel, south-west of Fort Westergard. It consists mostly of wooden houses with thatched roofs, though there are several sturdy stone buildings that have been restored from an ancient ruin. An old, restored castle sits on a hill with a moat to the north-west. Hedges and foliage surround the town for added defense.

A small river called the Avonbeg runs through the town, ending in a small pond north-east of the village. A waterwheel has been built upon it to power a mill. Several farmhouses, silos and windmills are dotted around the countryside as well.

The farms consist of mostly corn and potato fields, with some cattle farms (mostly sheep, cows, chickens) scattered in between.

Currently has approximately 100 inhabitants, most of which are farmers.

Its the closest populated village to the river and is often used as a staging area by those attempting to cross south into the Riverlands.

Recent events

  • The village has recently come under increasing attacks from Ankhegs that burrow under their fields and try to steal their cattle.
  • A young couple has gone missing near the Pond several weeks ago.
  • Goblins have been in the area, but mostly seem to leave the village alone
  • Tenser’s Levitation Crystals have been stolen. After the party was cleared of suspicion the goblins were implied in the theft. The baron tasked the party with clearing out the goblins.

Notable locations

The Little Barrel

A small, rustic inn. Run by Martha Grenfeld. 4 rooms available.

Clearcreek Church.

A simple, square church building made of old stone, with a domed roof and attached living space. Inside are several benches in front of an altar dedicated to Pelor. Walls are lined with alcoves housing small shrines for the individual gods.
A brass bell is attached to the outside which gets rung for town gatherings.

Maintained by Demi “Corkie” Nackle, female gnome, priest of Pelor. Most villagers come here for spiritual guidance and fixing major injuries.

General Supplies store: Supplies & Sundries

Most everyday supplies can be bought here. Run by Susan Marshall.

The Avonbeg pond

A small pond in the south-western woods surrounding the village with an attached stone pavilion. Mostly used as a romantic get-away for teenagers.
It is fed by a small river called the Avonbeg, which is a run-off of the large Avonmore river to the south.

Has recently been discovered to have an entrance to the Ankheg tunnels near the town which has seen regular use by goblins.

The Wheatsheaf

Small cozy pub on the edge of town. Its run by Peter Morley, mainly for his friends.

Notable NPCs

  • Baron Verner Asheby: middle aged human noble. He has a well groomed goatee covering an angular face. Crowned himself Mayor of the town, though not everyone agrees. Owns the castle dominating the town known as Asheby Keep.
  • Martha Grenfeld: a middle-aged halfling. Jovial but overworked. Runs the Little Barrel inn. Also runs a messenger service with the birds she keeps.
  • Demi “Corkie” Nackle: female gnome, priest of Pelor. Runs the local church.
  • Constable Ivo Kyngeston. A relatively young half-orc, in charge of the town’s militia.
  • Archibald Tenser. A human wizard. Generally friendly and soft-spoken, but can be hard to follow when he is rambling about his work. Quite reclusive, especially when he is working on his experiments.
    • Currently working on a way to make a wooden ship float on the air so it can easily traverse the many hills and small rivers of the Riverlands.
  • Reidoth the Forecaster
    • Forecasters are like a village druid, who helps grow crops and predicts weather. Colloquially known as Weathermen.


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