A frontier town, located on the eastern side of the old imperial wall. It is built against and even into the southern wall of the Windswept Pass.
Westwall is a rugged town, of mostly wooden buildings, while some structures have been built right into the canyon wall. The town exists in the shadow of the imperial wall, so it doesn’t require a lot of defenses. It’s a fast growing community, so to save space, people have started constructing homes on higher plateaus of the canyon.

The town mainly functions as a trade hub and support for Fort Westergard. It houses most of the families of the soldiers stationed there and acts as a trading hub between the frontier and the main kingdom. Proceeds from frontier villages are shipped to the town and cities of Haldanór. Many of the treasures found in the old kingdom are sold and traded here as well.


Approximately 1500 people.
Quite multicultural. Mostly human, halfling, dwarf and elf. Most other races present, but in smaller numbers.

Notable locations

  • The Wanderer’s Respite inn
  • Guardhouse, base of operations for city watch.
  • Temples of Pelor, Heironeous, Kord and Fharlanghn
  • Marketplace

Notable NPCs


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